Metrology room

NEWMEC’s metrology room is a highly technological and controlled environment, designed to guarantee the highest precision when measuring objects of various shapes and sizes.

Inside the room are present high-tech instruments, including coordinated measuring machines, roughness testers, durometers, profile projectors and other precision measuring instruments. Each instrument is calibrated and checked periodically in order to guarantee the maximum reliability of results.

The room is equipped with a controlled climate control system that keeps constant temperature and humidity in order to minimise the effect of environmental variations on the accuracy of measurements. Furthermore, the room is built with insulating materials that minimise the penetration of external noise and vibrations, which can interfere with the measures.

The operators that work in the NEWMEC’s metrology room are highly qualified and continuously trained to ensure maximum measurements accuracy. Every operation is performed fallowing strict procedures and international standards for metrology.

NEWMEC’s metrology room is therefore a highly specialized environment, where the precision and reliability of measurements are fundamental to guarantee the quality of the products that are developed and manufactured by the company.

Each designer menages their own machinery and has his own notebook, directly connected to the design room, through which they can menage their production equipment using Top Solid 7.16 and/or HyperMill.

Using a major metrology room, the company is able to offer the customer all the documentation related to testing and quality control.

With the dimensional survey service, it is possible to measure dimensions and geometric tolerances of mechanical parts, components and manufactured goods of various parts.

Laser scanning technology makes it possible to capture any shape, even non geometrical ones. Once digitised it is possible to carry out reverse engineering or dimensional testing via 3D compare.

Triple MITUTOYO and ZEISS (CONTURA) measuring instruments, calibrated and certified every six months, complete our production and management departments.

Up-to- date real time production statuses are monitored and controlled through the network using the NEWTON 4.0 CNC programme. 4.0 is the added value of the production management system: barcode readers, networked machines, and plants for real-time management of work progress.

And finally, an application is available for customers who request it, with which they can access the platform for the status of the order itself and to have a constantly updated situation.

ZEISS Spectrum